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Knowledge is power.


Have you been practicing?

Let's get you on the paths 

that matter most to you.


Step by step.

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What paths matter most to you?
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Maybe they're easy to practice:
- Learning a language
- Lifting weights or doing yoga
- Playing an instrument

But probably they're hard to practice:
- Loving with skill
- Creating with courage
- Doing hard things

- Leading with wisdom
- Bringing beauty to each moment

These are
pathless paths,
journeys that challenge us
to change from the inside out,
and from moment to moment.
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Hi, I'm Clark.


I'm a dad. A musician and a mystic. A teacher and a coach. An entrepreneur and a peace scientist. (I didn't know that was a thing either.)


I did a BA at Stanford University, a MA and PhD from George Mason University (under Tyler Cowen), and a post-doc at New York University. But for me the real school has been marriage, divorce, and fatherhood. 

I built Thrive Circle to help you find your way on the paths that matter most to you.

We use "how can I" questions to illuminate a pathless path, even as it shifts from day to day, and moment to moment.

Here are some of mine.

Thomas Clark Durant
Founder of Thrive Circle
Question: How can I love my children more skillfully?
Question: How can I weave mindfulness more deeply into my days?
Question: How can I get and stay in shape?

Any of those resonate with you?

We are building communities of practice around each of these path questions (and many more).

Within each community, we grow together. We use cycles of practice and reflection to weave more wisdom into our ways over time. 

Need more nourishing community in your life? Join us! It starts with defining your path questions.

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How does it work?
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We create three containers for you: Groove, Way, Path.

We get you in a
Groove, so you can find your Way on the Paths that matter most to you.

Your Groove is a rhythm of practice, reflection and accountability that keeps you on your path.

Your Way is how you approach a path. Our Wisdom Challenges weave more wisdom into your way with each cycle of practice and reflection.

Your Paths are defined by your unique "how can I" questions. We help you take tiny steps, creatively adapted to your context as it shifts.

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Give it a try!

We kick off Wisdom Challenges almost every week. Drop in and discover the next version of your Way.

1. Take the path-finder quiz to define two Path Questions that are meaningful for you

(5 minutes; FREE)

2. Join us for a 14-day Wisdom Challenge, to define your Way, v2.0, on the path that matters most to you

(14-days; $14)​​

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The Wisdom Challenge includes:

  • a 1-hour virtual Wisdom Workshop

  • 3 new partners on your path

  • access to the 14 guided reflections in the Wisdom Sequence (both the 7 in the yang-style Problem-Solving Sequence and the 7 in the yin-style Heart-Opening Sequence)

3. Practice your Way, v2.0, with the support of your accountability partners and other members of the Thrive community; decide whether you want to join for 3, 6 or 12 months

The first step is to find your paths!

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